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Updated: Apr 9

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Do you want to. be a great photographer some day and you don't know where to start? I was in the same shoes several years ago until I found a photography class that changed the way I do photography. Read here.

When you consider the world of technology, it is easy to become overwhelmed. There are a myriad of great cameras, for instance, on the market. Many of the cameras have unique features. In this article, I provide a synopsis of the Top 6 cameras on the market. If you want a camera that shoots awesome and high quality photos and videos, read this article.

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The top camera in 2024 is arguably the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4. The Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 is an incredible durable camera that is ideal for both beginners and experts. The professional grade camera has an impressive ISO starting in auto mode from 100 up to 32,000. Having an alloy magnesium body, this premium camera has an impressive 30.4 mega pixel full frame sensor and it is capable of shooting a speed of 7 feet per second continuously. Thus this camera produces staggering and amazing image quality. Like some of the top notch cameras on the market, the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 remarkably shoots 4K video and it has a dual pixel autofocus. The convenient LCD touch screen and the sharp viewfinder also adds to the strength of this product.

Additionally, the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4 has a built in Wifi connectivity. This outstanding feature allows you to sync your camera to your smartphone, another computer, tablet, the internet, or even a printer. Not only that, the camera also has a built in gps (giving you the longitude, latitude, coordinated universal time, and elevation) as well and a built in intervalometer. The intervalometer controls the timing of your shots. This feature is perfect for time lapse photography. Read more.


Arguably the second best camera on the market is the Nikon D850. The astounding 45.7 mega pixels on this camera, its new and ex format backside illumination sensor and expeed 5 image processor (allows for lower noise) quickly attract many consumers. In fact, like the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4, the Nikon D850 image processor allows for 7 feet per second continuous shooting speed for up to 51 consecutive frames. What is even more attractive is the Nikon D850 gives the user the capability of capturing the important moments shooting at 9 feet per second.

Like the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4, the Nikon D850 shoots 4K video and has amazing image quality and awesome performance. The ISO starts with 64 and can reach 25,600. The camera is also equipped with a silent photography mode feature.


The third best DSLR camera on the market is the Canon EOS 80D. I currently own this professional grade camera. Not too far behind the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4, the Canon EOS 80D contains 24.2 mega pixels while the Mark 4 contains 30.4 mega pixels. The Canon 80d has an ISO starting from 100 all the way to 25,600. The sturdy and polycarbonate exterior body of the 80D protects the camera against moisture and dust. Like the Canon EOS 5D Mark 4, the Canon EOS 80D shoots a continuous burst speed of 7 feet per second and has built in Wifi connectivity. The wifi gives the user the advantage to transfer images or videos to another computer, smartphone, printer, and so forth.

The impressive auto focus, nice LCD screen, easy to operate controls, optical viewfinder, built in flash, and great shooting performance give photographers the advantage of producing some stunning photography. Personally, I have been very impressed with the Canon 80D and its remarkable features. Read more.


The fourth best DSLR camera is the Sony A68. This camera-- similar to the Canon EOS 80D-- has 24.2 mega pixels and can shoot continuous photos of 8 feet per second. Additionally, like the Canon EOS 80D, the camera also has an ISO range between 100 to 25,600. This mid range professional camera has a tilting LCD screen and an electronic view finder.

What is unique about the Sony A68 is that it has a built in sensor shift image stabilization that facilitates smooth photos and prevents camera shake. The Sony A68 shoots awesome images in almost any lighting. If photos for some reason do not produce much light (specifically at night), the camera has a built in flash that allows for better photos. Read more.


The fifth best DSLR camera on the market is the Fujifilm 100X. This nice bodied camera has 16.3 mega pixels, which is lower than the cameras above. However, the camera is still great for photography. It has a built in X-Trans CMOS sensor and a processor called the EXR Processor II, which allows for better quality images. The camera has an ISO of 12,800.

The Fujifilm 100X has a fast auto focus, built in wifi features, hybrid viewfinder, focus lever capability, film simulation function, and a built in ND filter. Read more.


The sixth best DSLR camera is the Canon Rebel. If you are beginner and you want a nice DSLR camera, I would highly recommend the Canon Rebel SL3/250D. What makes this camera very impressive is its amazing battery life, and excellent dual pixel CMOS autofocus system operates in live view. The Canon Rebel SL3/250D contains a 24.1 mega pixel APS-C sensor, and Canon Rebel SL3/250D has an ISO ranging from 100 to 25,600-- the same as the Canon EOS 80d. The fact that this camera is considered by canon to be the lightest of the canon cameras gives a photographer a huge advantage over the other canons. Additionally, unlike the Canon 80D, the Canon Rebel SL3/2250D has the capability of shooting 4K video and it has Wifi and bluetooth connectivity.

The order of preference for these cameras is subjective. A person who considers purchasing a camera has a particular purpose. Some people may be interested in street photography, others may be interested in vlogging. At the same time, people may be particular when it comes to brand names. Some people may prefer Canon over Nikon. Others may prefer Nikon over Canon. Selecting a camera is a matter of preference.

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