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Hi I am Zack. Welcome to my Blog. 

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Passionate Writer

Having a Masters degree and Bachelors degree I love writing. I am the founder of Incredible Traveler blog and I write about my travel and food experiences, offer valuable travel tips, and introduce you to amazing technology on the market. 

Savvy Youtuber

I am a Youtuber. I produce videos on international foods and travel. I enjoy filming, editing, and sharing my youtube tactics and tips with others. In these videos, I show travel tips, food choices, and many other gems of wisdom. 

Experienced Editor

I have edited for years. I have had the privilege and opportunity to edit books, articles, essays, blog posts, If you are struggling with blog posts or working on a book, I can assist you. 

Active Traveler

I currently live in Japan and have lived in this amazing country for three years. I have been to over 300 places, tried hundreds of different foods. I have also traveled to many other countries such as Thailand, Singapore, and the Philippines. My goal and heart's desire are to GET PAID TO TRAVEL FULL TIME.

Outdoor Enthusiast

I love the outdoors and the mountain of experiences I have had are remarkable. I have explored the beautiful mountains of Japan, snorkeled in Japan, swam with dolphins in Japan, flown drones in Japan, and so forth. In the Philippines, I have been parasailing, helmet diving, and have done many other wonder things. 

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