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41 Things to do in Odaiba, Japan- Attractions in Japan

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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Odaiba is located on a beautiful artificial island in the city of Tokyo. Odaiba is known for its shopping areas, rainbow bridge, statue of liberty, and many other landmarks. However, when people think of Odaiba, they are drawn immediately to the dazzling Gundam Robot. In this article, I introduce you to 41 things to do in Odaiba. These attractions including the following: (1) Mori Art Museum, (2) Ferris wheel (during the day), (3) Ferris wheel at night, (4) Flame of freedom statue, (5) Street karts, (6) Tokyo Tower view, (7) Love sign, (8) Concerts, (9) Statue of liberty, (10) Lego land discovery center, (11) Pirate restaurant, (12) German food, (13) Colorful bars, (14) Gundam docks, (15) Skate park restaurant, (16) green tea ice cream, (17) small gun dam, (18) Dog department and cafe, (19) Gun pla (20) Ramen, (21) Deck’s Tokyo beach love sign, (22) Trick art museum, (23) Drone world, (24) Fuji Television, (25) Gundam day transformation, (26) Gundam night transformation, (27) Mega history garage, (28) Green sculptures, (29) Tree illuminations, (30) Venus Fort illumination, (31) magic tricks, (32) ice skating, (33) rainbow bridge view, (34) Illuminating balls, (35) Human gundam, (36) wedding photography, (37) Round One, (38) Gundam cafe, (39) Maruetsu, (40 ) Joypolis, and (41) Japanese snacks.

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The new, awe-inspiring, futuristic, innovative and the world’s first Digital Art museum opened on June 21, 2018 in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. The museum– the Mori Building Digital Arts Museum Team Lab borderless– was designed by Team lab. The Team lab was found by Toshiyuki Inoko in 2001. The museum was created by 5 digital artists that eventually expanded to 500 people. Today, Team lab is an interdisciplinary group of brilliant engineers, mathematicians, designers, programmers, scientists, musicians, architects, and animators, who collectively devote full energy to create unprecedented digital art with technology. Utilizing 470 projectors and 520 computers to create the latest digital art (with light and color), the place is massive with a colossal and sprawling 10,000 square meter of space. You certainly will not experience boredom observing more than 50 exhibits at Team lab. The dream like universe opens up another whole three dimension that gives you a sensory overload.


The 377 feet Daikanransha, which in Japanese is “big wheel,” is a popular attraction in Odaiba. This Ferris wheel, located next to Venus Fort, offers incredible views of the city of Odaiba. The price for a 16 minute ride is 900 yen or $8.79. The hours of operation are from 1000 to 2200 on weekdays and from 1000-2300 on weekends.


You can also ride the Ferris wheel at night to get a great view of the nightlife in Odaiba. It is an incredible experience to survey the beautiful island of Odaiba.


Having the appearance of a silver bullet, the 88 feet flame of freedom statue was donated by France in 1998 to celebrate the French year in Japan. It is next to the Gundam Statue.


You can ride in fast street karts across the stunning rainbow bridge, around the Tokyo Tower, and through Odaiba. The company is called Street Kart Tokyo. This attraction gives you the great opportunity to explore the streets of Odaiba and test your driving skills in Tokyo.


At night you can get a magnificent view of the beaming and shiny Tokyo Tower. It is perfectly situated in the vicinity of the spectacular and glowing rainbow bridge.


Couples congregate to capture those perfect photos of themselves next to this beautiful illuminating sign. The sign is located next to the State of Liberty and the sign truly captures the essence of Odaiba.


There are concerts happening all over Japan. In fact, Odaiba is a very popular spot for famous Japanese concert artists. The several concerts I watched took place next to the Gundam statue– a perfect place to hold a concert.

This 40 foot State of Liberty was temporarily erected by 1998 as a tribute to Japan’s relationship with France. The statue though was made permanent in Odaiba in 2000. It has become a very iconic feature in Japan.

What is very impressive about the Odaiba statute of liberty is that its backdrop is the beautiful and stunning rainbow bridge.


The Legoland Discovery center is an amazing place for both kids and family. You can have the opportunity to observe mini land, which is constructed from an astounding 1.5 million lego bricks. This exciting place features other attractions such as the Lego 4d cinema, kingdom quest, Dino explorer, and so forth. You can even find a cafe in this cool place.


The Pirate theme restaurant is located on the 5th floor of the Aqua City mall. This restaurant offers a spectacular panoramic view of the Tokyo Tower, Rainbow bridge, and the ocean. The restaurant sets the scene of a ship, where you can find pirate booty, skulls and other pirate objects. The waitresses are dressed in pirate costumes and you get the feel that you are dining with pirates. The tasty brownie dessert in the shell plate just added to the delightful experience at this restaurant.


During the summer time around July and August, it is very common to find German vending stands selling all kinds of delicious German food. The vending stands are usually positioned next to the Gundam statue. Many kinds of savory German sausages are sold there.

13. GREEN AND WHITE Structures

These cool green and white and yellow and white striped structures located outside the Odaiba-kaihinkoen station. These structures are perfect for an awesome photograph shot after exiting the train station.


The Gundam Docks is a large scale event that uniquely features an exhibit of 21 creatively designed plastic model Gundam figurines meticulously lined up in rows. This event started in Hong Kong in 2013 and made its way to Odaiba in 2018.


The HNLA Skygarden skate park allows you to skateboard and view the beautiful views of Odaiba. If you decide not to stake board, you can watch people perform amazing tricks while you eat a sumptuous lunch or dinner at Wahoo’s tacos, which is located on the roof of the Diver’s City Mall. The hours of operation are from 1000 to 2200.


Your trip is not complete without having oishi soft green tea ice cream at Nana’s green tea. This ice cream is created from Matcha, which originated in a city of Kyoto called Uji. This match is a perfect treat especially on a sunny day.


After you take photos of the large Unicorn Gundam outside, you can step inside the Diver City mall and take another picture, but of a smaller Gundam. This Gundam is about 4ft tall. I have enjoyed collecting Gundam figures. Gundam figures are very popular in Japan and many of the figures have been out of stock in some stores in Japan.


If you are a dog lover, this dog friendly cafe is a must here in Odaiba. This place not only serves delicious foods like spaghetti, rice dishes, curry, desserts, and refreshing drinks, but it even has a dog menu as well. When it comes to dog bowls, you can definitely find some cute ones.


The Gunpla is located in the Diver’s City Mall. The Gunpla features over 1000 unique and brilliantly designed Gundam figures. If you are fan of Gundam like me, you could easily spend a couple of hours there. Read more...


When you come to Odaiba, you must try Ramen. There are Ramen shops in the Divers City Mall. Try the delicious Kyurin, Yottekoya, and Ramen Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mall.. These are excellent ramen restaurants.


The Deck’s Tokyo Beach love sign is another iconic feature for couples to take photos. The sign is situated next to the Tokyo Beach. I would recommend going to this sign at nights because it presents such a beautiful and shiny glow.


The Tokyo Trick Art Museum is a must in Odaiba. In this photo, it appears as if I am stuck in a glass and this vampire has become my predator. The museum features 3d optical illusion paintings including the one featured above. The Tokyo Trick Art museum even has a cool souvenir shop that sells Trick Art merchandise such as a trick art money bank. The Tokyo Trick Art Museum opens at 1100 and closes at 2100. Adult admission prices are 1000 yen and children are 700 yen.


The drone age is becoming increasingly advanced on a daily basis. This drone world place allows you an opportunity to understand the power of drones. The Drone world features all kinds of events and you can increase your knowledge about mini drones, sky stock, sky cloud, and so forth. The business opens at 1000 and closes at 1900. There are many great and affordable drones on the market.


One of Japan’s private television networks is located in Odaiba. Dubbed as Fuji TV, this popular place is a magnet to those who are fascinated with Japan television shows. Fuji Tv allows you to tour the studios where popular television programs are filmed. There is also a souvenir shop and an observation deck that allows you to view the impressive city of Odaiba.


Standing at an astounding 19.6 meters or 64.3 feet, and weighing an unbelievable 43.4 tons, the towering and mammoth anime Gundam (which is located adjacent to the Diver’s City mall) has garnered much media attention as well as has attracted an influx of tourists from all over the world.

The transformation of the Gundam, which alters from unicorn mode to destroy mode, is incredible. The day transformation occurs at the following times: (1) 0900 a.m., (2) 11:00 a.m., (3) 1 p.m., and (4) 3 p.m.


At the Gundam night show, the bright and dazzling colors resonating off of the Gundam are much more vivid at night. The night transformation occurs at 5 p.m., 7:30 p.m- 9:30 p.m. The night transformation transpires every 30 minutes.


The Mega History garage showcases a wide variety of antique and classic cars. If you love cars, this might be the place for you. You can learn all about the makes and models of antique cars and have your photo made in front of the cars. It is an incredible place that is just across from the Odaiba Gundam. The garage opens at 1100 and closes at 2100.


While walking from the Statue of Liberty and heading towards to the Mega Gundam, you can snap a phot of this green sculpture. The sculpture is very unique and very artistic.

29. Tree Illuminations

When Christmas time approaches, the beautiful illuminating trees draw much attention in Odaiba. The pink, blue, green, and gold trees sparkle like a diamond.

30. Venus Fort Illumination

What people do not realize is that this is a show that the Venus Fort puts on around the Christmas season. You can watch a beautiful lighting scene with artificial snow gradually falling from above. It is a wonderful sight.

31. Magic tricks

Magic tricks have gained much popularity in Japan. The Japanese magic performers invest hours in a day perfecting their sport. They are very good at what they do.

32. Ice skating

Ice skating is in Japan. If you want to take a break from the attractions outside, you can try ice skating in Odaiba. The name of the place is called Dramatic skate rink, which is located in the Diver’s City shopping mall.

33. Rainbow Bridge

The stunning rainbow bridge is one attractive sight to see in Odaiba. The color of the rainbow certainly shows from a distance. When you drive the street karts in Shinkiba, you can tour the rainbow bridge.

34. Illuminating Balls

I am amazed by the beautiful colorful balls during the Christmas time. The color on the balls are synchronized creating such a magnificent scenery.

35. Human gundam

Meet the human gundam. This guy performs fluid movements that appear as you are watching a gundam. I was stunned by this remarkable performance.

36. Wedding photography

Whether you are a married couple or dating, you can take photos next to the gorgeous and stunning Statue of liberty. Many couples congregate to this area to have their photo taken of not only the Statue of Liberty but also the rainbow bridge.

37. Round One

If you love bowling, I would highly recommend the Round One stadium, which is located in the Diver’s City mall.

38. Gundam Cafe

Your trip is not complete without going to the gundam cafe in Odaiba.This cafe has all kinds of Gundam related drinks and foods. The cafe reminds you that you are in Gundam city.

39. Maruetsu

If you are looking for fresh produce and other Japanese foods, I would highly recommend Maruetsu.

40. Joypolis

Considered one of the largest enjoy theme parks in Japan, Joypolis is a must place to visit. There are a variety of attractions– everything from the spicy taxi to the live roller coaster.

41. Japanese snacks

Before you leave, pick up some Japanese snacks. It is very interesting what you find in these areas. I found small hard shell crab snacks. They were delicious.

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