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7 Reasons Why Should Purchase a Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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Every day it seems people are becoming smarter with advancing technology. When I consider the myriad of great high quality cameras on the market and how camera technology has completely revolutionized the video and photography industry, I am put in awe. A helpful accessory that adds to the improvement of videography is a camera stabilizer. One of them is the Zhiyun Crane. In this article, I will give you 7 reasons why you should purchase this incredible camera accessory.

When I first started vlogging with my Canon EOS 80d, I was using a gorilla tripod. The tripod is great for standstill videoing and photography. This is one camera and tripod you must have in your camera bag. Read more...

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One advantage with this gorilla pod is it is compatible. You can wrap it around trees and use it as a stabilizer. Or you you can use it as a mini tripod. I have used it both ways and have found it to be a very useful item in my camera bag.

While using this tripod, I searched around for electronic stabilizers. I found the version 2 Zhiyun Crane, read reviews on it, and purchased one immediately. Regardless of what model of the Zhiyun Crane you purchase, I believe you will be very satisfied. The stabilizer is jammed packed with all kinds of nice features, which you will see in this article. Here are 6 reasons you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane.


The first reason you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer is for better quality videos. When I recorded my first video using the Zhiyun Crane Stabilizer and watched the video from beginning to end, it was like I had stepped into another universe. The quality of the video was just amazing. Below is 1 youtube video I recorded in Tokyo that prove this awesome quality:


The second reason why you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane is that it is very smooth and simple to control. You can utilize a soft joystick to easily maneuver the camera from side to side, up and down, and even 360 degrees. The Crane version 2 comes with a quick release plate that allows you to easily slide the plate to the right or the left for proper balancing of the camera.


The third reason why you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane is the battery life is incredible. The battery life for this kind of gimbal is from 12-18 hours. The batteries that are used to operate the gimbal include the 26,500 mAh lithium rechargeable batteries. The batteries are very powerful and after one charge, I do not have to worry about my gimbal dying while shooting footage. I have been impressed with these batteries, which frankly are the best batteries I have ever owned. You can purchase the batteries and the charger below.

This is a great charger and cheaper than what I have used in the past. This one is the better deal.


The fourth reason why you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane is its compatibility. The gimbal is compatible for traveling. You can break down the gimbal by removing the camera, folding the gimbal, and placing it in your backpack. The gimbal is very strong, durable, and made out of metal.


The fourth reason why you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane is the awesome payload. Some Zhiyun Crane stabilizers can support a 7lb camera. Others can support a 5.5 lb camera. At first, I was concerned because my Canon 80d is heavier than other cameras, especially when there is a microphone attached to it. However, the gimbal amazingly balanced my camera and microphone very well. If you own a mirrorless camera, you should have no concerns about balancing your camera. The Canon 80d, which I own, is not mirrorless and heavier than the mirrorless cameras.


The final reason why you should purchase a Zhiyun Crane is the substantial price drop. At the time of my purchase of my Zhiyun Crane, I paid around $800. Now the price has dropped significantly. When you consider the amazing features of this gimbal, the gimbal is definitely worth the purchase especially if you are serious about creating some awesome and stunning videos.


When I purchased the Zhiyun Crane for the first time, I was little anxious about whether it would hold my Canon 80d. I was very impressed that it was stable using this camera. Regardless of the camera that you operate, just know that patience is key when you are attempting to set up your camera on the stabilizer. Initially I had a rode mic and had trouble balancing the camera. And with hours of experimenting it worked!!

If you are interested in doing professional videography or YouTubing, or just creating videos for fun, this gimbal is for you. Buy a Zhiyun Crane today before the price increases.

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