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Former Hokkaido Government Office

Updated: Mar 19

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The Former Hokkaido Government Office is known as the "Aka-renga Chosa" or"Red brick Government Office" building. Erected in 1888 using an astounding 2.5 million bricks, this grand building is regarded as the iconic symbol of Sapporo. The building was used as the Hokkaido Government office for 80 years until it was turned into a new government office. The new American Neo-baroque building is a model of the Massachusetts State House in the United States. It was not until 1969 that the government office was nationally designated as a pertinent cultural property. The former Hokkaido government office is also a popular place to visit year around. The place draws an influx of about 600,000 people on a yearly basis.

Around 20 paintings can be found throughout the entire building. A photo spot for tourists and a souvenir shop (on the 2nd floor) can also be visited by tourists. During the winter time, the Former Hokkaido Government Office is certainly a place to see especially with it covered with mounds of snow.

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