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Must Try Japan 7-Eleven foods- Gouda, Curry Bread, Croquette sandwich, Ham and Egg bread

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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The foods at 711 in Japan are surprisingly fresh and oishi or delicious. When I grew up in the United States, I was not very fond about shopping at convenient stores for two reasons. First, the customers were always rude and disrespectful. Second, the food was not fresh. When I moved to Japan, the smoke of my stereotype suddenly vanished. All of a sudden, I had a love for not only Japanese people, but for the food as well. I have eaten many foods from konbinis’ or convenient stores in Japan. I tried 5 of the following foods from 711 in Japan: (1) Bacon, pepper, and cheese bread, (2) Ham and egg bread, (3) Curry bread, (4) Croquette sandwich, and a (5) Cheese gouda. All of these foods came from 711 in Japan. I have been living in Japan for about 3 years and I have tried hundreds of foods. I am sharing them with you on this site.

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First, I tried the pepper, bacon, and cheese bread. When I bit into the fresh bread, the savory flavors exploded in my mouth. The wonderful bacon flavor and the warm cheese flavor from the microwavable heat made me think the soft and fresh bread had been made about a few minutes ago. The shaped breads are sometimes called bread boats. This bread costs 140 yen or $1.30.

Second, I tried the ham and egg bun. This particular bread would be ideal during the breakfast hour. It was amazing how fresh the ham and egg were considered they were packaged. I was amazed by the quality of this chewy bread and would not have expected to pay only 148 yen or $1.41. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find an American breakfast in Japan. The Mcdonalds in Japan will suffice though. Japanese people usually eat onigiri’s or rice balls for breakfast.

Third, I tried the curry bread or the Kare pan. As a fan of both Japanese and Indian curry, I am constantly searching for the new curry foods at 711 in Japan. The 711’s in this country sell not only curry with rice, but curry breads and curry buns as well. If you have not had curry breads in Japan, the 711 in Japan is the first place you can try them. The savory curry bread typically encased in bread dough had a chewy texture and the mouthwatering hot curry was insanely oishii. The bread has reached popularity in the Japanese movie industry. In fact, in an anime series named “Soreikei! Anpanman,” Karepanman vigorously fights criminals by intentionally shooting out an extremely hot curry filling. The curry bread at 711 costs 120 yen or $1.11.

Fourth, I tried the Croquette (Korokke) sandwich. This luscious and fresh croquette sandwich is packed with piping hot mashed potatoes surrounded with an amazing crunchy golden shell. Croquette is usually made out of dinner rolls, butter lettuce, tonkatsu sauce, Korokke (potatoes), and Japanese Mayonnaise. The costs of this croquette sandwich at 711 is 130 yen or $1.20. It is a perfect snack especially during the winter time when the temperature outside is in the 30s. You can find croquettes in the hot boxes at the 711 in Japan.

Fifth, I tried the gouda, which is a mild yellow dutch cheese that is found in the Netherlands. Considered one of the world’s popular cheeses, the gouda is typically created from pasteurized cow’s milk. The gouda is an actual city in Noord-Holland, where this cheese is purchased and sold. This flavorful and delectable shredded and diced cheesy gouda from 711 will disappear in your mouth. The Gouda costs 120 yen or $1.11.

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