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Must Try Japan Grocery store foods and drinks—Lemon coke, tuna, asparagus and cheese bites, man

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Everywhere you travel, you find unique culture, unique places, and definitely unique food. When I first came to Japan, I fell in love with this beautiful country. The first week of eating Japanese foods, I was hooked. The number of amazing foods at Japanese grocery stores are endless.

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In this post, I will share with you 5 things I tried from a local grocery store in Japan. The first thing I tried was the Tuna, asparagus, and cheese bites. The tuna had a very soft and chewy texture. The asparagus was very fresh and when I bit into it, the juices exploded into my mouth. The cheese had a amazing and phenomenal taste.

The second thing I tried was the chicken and cheese rice dinner. Chicken and rice dinners are very common in Japan. The large pieces of savory chicken will certainly fill you up along with the large amounts of fresh rice. Covered in the chicken and the rice was a delicious creamy cheese.

The third thing I tried was the lemon coke. What makes this coke a limited edition is the fact that it is pumped with rich Vitamin C supplements. When you first try this drink, the lemon taste creates an amazing flavor along with the coke.

The fourth thing I tried was the mango pudding. Anytime I have the opportunity to eat mango, I take advantage of it. Mango is considered my favorite fruit and I have eaten a lot of it both in the Philippines, Thailand, and Japan. The mango pudding has a very nice mango consistency.

I highly recommend you try all of these foods and others at the grocery stores in Japan. The food is very fresh and very delicious. The moment you come to a Japanese grocery store, I believe you will fall in love with the food.

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