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Living the Beauty and Beast Experience- Yokahoma’s Theme Cafe

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Upon entering into the restaurant, you will find a shiny knight armorer branding a halberd, which is a very effective and lethal defensive weapon that combines both a spear and an axe. In the Mediaeval period, (14th and 15th centuries), the halberd served three purposes: (1) Blocking another weapon, (2) Thrusting at an opponent, and (3) Cutting armor. The thrusting aspect of the halberd can be illustrated. Perhaps a knight was hiding in a dark area. When the enemy horseman rode by him, the knight on the ground would violently thrust his halberd at the enemy thus knocking him off his horse.

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This area is reminiscent of a tavern where travelers were served alcoholic beverages, food, and they were offered lodging. During the 16th century, Taverns were very popular in countries including North America, Mexico, Germany, France, Great Britain, and Australia.

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In this picture, there is a purple looking ax head lying on the table. The ax handle is made of rose stems. There are also jack a lanterns and a skull lying on the table.

This scenery is only observed during the Halloween season. In the back was a frightening looking skull dressed with decrepit like clothing. There were innumerable spider webs dangling to the right of him. In front of the skeleton was a gold antique looking chair. The back part of the chair resembled perhaps a king or buddha. The chair to the right had spikes protruding from the back.

The book on the top of the fireplace was entitled the “Tale of Two Cities.” This famous book was written by Charles Dickens in the the late 1800s. Perhaps the reason why the book was lying on the fire place is that the two fairy tale books Beauty and the Beast and the Tale of Two Cities were often read together.

The Japanese version of the Beauty and the Beast movie can be played on the wall

Next to the oval like mirror was an antique like picture frame that read in French “La Belle la bete,” which translates in English as the “Beauty and the Beast.

This white archaic looking fire place was surrounded with spider webs next to a burning amber fire.

An elaborate Beauty and the Beast cake topped with savory pink icing, juicy strawberries, and blueberries on top of angel food cake was the perfect dessert that day. On the plate was a beautiful Beauty and the Beast design. The cake was very fresh and oishii.

Two black swords with silver handles crossed on a shield were fastened to the wall. On both sides of the shield were two unique candles. Spider webs were spread all over the wall.

Dangling from the ceiling were ancient like and unique chandeliers that were covered with seemingly realistic spider webs.

Outside the glass window was a flight of stairs, and what appeared to be some water fountain surrounded with a blue LED light.

In this photo, there is a woman wearing a blue and purple dress resembling the beauty in the Beauty and the Beast movie.

This photo portrays an aggressive standing lion.

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