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Is Riding Camels in Japan the Ultimate Unique Travel Experience? Uncover the Adventure!

Updated: Apr 9

When people travel to Japan, the last thing they think about is riding camels (available in the summer time) in Japan. In the prefecture of Tottori on the west coast of mainland Japan, you can do just that. The majestic Tottori Sand Dunes, which spans 10 miles or 2.25 miles, is regarded as part of the San'in Kaigan National Park and it is the by far the largest natural sand dune in Japan. You will only find these kinds of sand dunes in the Tottori prefecture.

Camel riding (Rakuda-ya) in Japan is a very rare and cool experience. When you are at the Tottori sand dunes, you feel like you are in Egypt, but you are in Japan. Camel riding is 1500 yen for 3 minutes. It is a very quick ride, but the experience itself is worth it all. It makes for a great instagram shot as many of my friends thought that I was vacationing in Egypt.

Other attractions at the Sand dunes include paragliding and cable car rides. Several minutes from the sand dunes is the famous Sand Museum, an impressive sand museum that displays sand exhibitions created from artists all over the world. Every 2 years, the sand exhibitions change along with the theme. The theme in June 2023 at the Sand Museum was Egypt. You can also find sand exhibitions outside as well as a bell.

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2164-971 Yuyama, Fukube-cho, Tottori City, Tottori Prefecture 6890105

By Kirin Jishi Loop Bus

The Kirin Jishi Loop Bus operates on weekends and holidays from Tottori Station to the Tottori Sand dunes. The total time is 25 minutes. The fare is 3000 yen per ride or 600 yen for a 1 day pass.

By regular Tottori city bus

Board a bus at Tottori bus terminal No. 0 and get off at Tottori Sakyu. The total time is 20 minutes. The fare is 380 yen.

By taxi

If you decide to take a taxi, the cost is 2300 yen and a the total time to the sand dunes is 20 minutes.

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