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Exploring the Feline-Friendly Cat of Shinjuku, Tokyo

Updated: Apr 9

This billboard displays a cat posing as a Tokyo police officer, for example. The 3D interactive display is a must see in Tokyo, Japan.

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If you have been to Tokyo, you have probably noticed the myriad of billboards posting advertisements. As time progresses, companies are turning advertising into a virtual reality environment.

Welcome to Shinjuku, a place in Tokyo, that is constantly bustling with people. Shinjuku is famous for the Godzilla head, delicious restaurants, and now a cat has pricked the curiosity of passerby’s. A giant hyper realistic 3-D mikeneko (calico cat), spanning an area of 154.7 square meters, playfully looms over the Shinjuku station and friendly greets and dazzles passerby’s.

The billboard display can be found on top of the Cross Shinjuku Vision (advertising space)building at the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station in Tokyo. The building itself is owned by Cross Space. Yunika Vision (outdoor digital signage complex) and MicroAD Digital Signage created the virtual cat under the commission of the owner. The purpose of the Cats’s development was to please passerby’s and that purpose has certainly been fulfilled with him dazzling passerby’s everyday.

The 4K image high quality sound system with 3D imagery was created utilizing curved LED screens that makes tourists think that the cat will jump out it front of them.

The 1,664-square-foot curved LED screen interactive display of the 3D cat is fascinating and it has drawn an influx of people The show times are every 15 minutes.

The cat wakes up from his slumber in the morning at 7 a.m.,, talks in the afternoon, and before the screen turns off, the cat goes to bed after turning off a light. The cat will meow, wiggle his ears and tail.

The billboard display has gained popularity over the years. It has advertised the famous Tokyo 2020 Kyodo Sports News.

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