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Shinjuku- Witnessing the Foot Stomping, Roaring, and Fire Breathtaking Godzilla in Tokyo

Updated: Jul 5


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Growing up I enjoyed finding hidden objects, people, and animals in “I spy” books. This “I spy” became a very popular game that I played with my friends on a regular basis. In this article, we will play the game “I spy a Godzilla.”

Can you find Godzilla in the picture? It is actually difficult to find considering it was night time when the photo was taken. What I noticed though was regardless if it was during the daytime or nighttime, people seemed to not see the statue. In fact, a lot of people casually walked towards it, but never took photos of the Godzilla in Japan. This mood all changed though when I started to record video and take pictures of the amazing statue. Then all of a sudden a lot of people quickly stopped in their tracks, and begin to simultaneously take photos of the Godzilla. I surmise if people were not looking for the Godzilla, they may not find it there. After all, the Godzilla is perfectly and brilliantly positioned on top of a building and not below on the ground. It is easy though to observe the Godzilla better during the day than at night unless the Godzilla is roaring.

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What is ゴジラ Godzilla? It is a large monster that was created by the Japanese. The ゴジラ Godzilla represents both forms of a 鯨 whale and ゴリラ gorilla. Japanese people created the Godzilla by conducting a nuclear radiation testing in the Pacific Ocean.

The fact of the matter is there are a myriad of landmarks in the bustling city of Tokyo, especially in the Shinjuku area. The area boasts a variety of unique attractions- everything from the Robot restaurant, to the Samurai museum, to the Ninja Trick house. Not too far from these landmarks is also the quirky ゴジラヘッド Godzilla head that towers over the Toho Cinemas.

The first appearance of the 39 feet life size Godzilla head was in April 2015. It is displayed on the 8th floor of the Gracery Hotel terrace. When you walk into the lobby of the idiosyncratic hotel, you can find Godzilla like figures there.

This Godzilla is standing on a table and exhibiting an aggressive stance.

On one of the walls are photos of Godzilla movies that were made in the 1950s. The movie that first introduced Godzilla was produced in 1954.

Additionally, there is a gift shop in the lobby that sells Godzilla merchandise. If you continue walking through the lobby, you will find the terrace that is connected to the lobby. After entering through a sliding glass door, you will see the menacing and irradiated bemouth Godzilla. This view is unfortunately limited to hotel guests.

Directly underneath the monster, there are beautiful Godzilla drawings etched in the stone. The drawings depict the movies of Godzilla.

If you are a die hard Godzilla fan like me, you will enjoy seeing this Godzilla in action. When the thumping sound of the Godzilla destroying the city of Shinjiku heavily reverberates through the city, your thought process may be the city is under attack. Have no fear. This is not real. There is a life size Godzilla statue that roars every hour though. Specifically, the roaring commences at 12 pm., and ends at 8 pm. You will first hear the sound of the Godzilla wreaking havoc to the city of Shinjiku. This sound is followed by flashing laser lights and the Godzilla (with glowing eyes) spiting out smoke. I was able to view the Godzilla at a close vicinity as well as a far off.

This is the Godzilla at night prior to the demonstration.

The eyes are illuminating during the demonstration.

The Godzilla lights up during the performance.

The Godzilla is blowing smoke.

The Godzilla is breathing fire, which Is reminiscent of a smoke vapor.

From afar off you can see the Godzilla looming menacingly over the roof top of the Hotel Gracery. One of the claws has clasped hold of and pierced the building.

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