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Top 10 Things To Do In Shibuya- Amazing Tokyo

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Top 10 Things to Do in Shibuya

One of the most popular areas to go in Tokyo is Shibuya. This bustling city is replete with a variety of oishī restaurants, bars, pachinko slot machines, malls, statues, and so forth. In fact, this is the place where you can spend weeks having a great time both during the daytime and time as well. Having been to over 30 places in Shibuya, in this article, I will explain the top 10 things to do in Shibuya. You can find my YouTube video below.

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1. Shibuya Crossing

The first place I would recommend you go to in Shibuya is the Shibuya Crossing. Shibuya Crossing or Shibuya Scramble crossing is regarded as undoubtedly the world’s famous and busiest pedestrian intersection. As a result, thousands of people literally scramble across the street on a daily basis regardless of the time of the day. In fact, the crossing is a star attraction and a unique icon of Tokyo given the hectic life of a business person. For Tokyo is accurately captured perfectly at this crossing. As you watch the chaos unfold on the second floor of the Starbucks building, you may find it difficult to fathom. The fact is it can be overwhelming watching an influx of people crossing the street and taking photos and doing crazy stuff like jumping up and down. Scramble crossing is a madhouse a day before the New Year. The police post a police box in the middle of the crossing as thousands gather around it. What are you waiting for. Book this trip now!!!!!

2. Hachiko Statue

The second place I would recommend is the Hachiko statue. This was a famous dog that was owned by a University of Tokyo Professor named Ueno. The dog Hachikō would wait for his master at the train station. One day the professor died. The dog continued to wait for 10 years until he sadly passed away. Thus, a statue was erected to honor the loss of Hachiko. Professor Ueno is buried at Aoyama cemetery in Roppongi.

The third place I would recommend is the Mega Don Quixote.

This massive 7 story floor has everything to offer to a tourist. On the first floor, you will find (1) Japanese souvenir, (2) Women leg wear, (3) Event space, (4) Color contacts, and (5) Customer service counter. On the second floor, you will find (1) alcohol, (2) drinks, (3) sweets, (4) food and grocery, and (5) delicacies. On the third floor, you will find (1) Cosmetics, (2) Character goods, (3) Pet supplies, (4) Every day items, (and (5) medical supplies. On the fourth floor, you will find (1) Shoes, (2) brand new products, (3) outdoor supplies, (and (4) Sports equipment. On the fifth floor, you will find (1) Cleaning supplies, (2) Hand tools, (3) Toys, (4) Stationery, (5) Landry supplies, (6) Bathroom supplies, (7) Adult goods, and (8) Bicycle. On the sixth floor, you will find (1) Electronic products, (2) Alarm clocks, (3) Smart phone accessories, (4) Interior, (5) Beauty electronics, (5) Travelling goods, and (6) Parts.

4. Zao Fishing Restaurant

The fourth place I would recommend is the Zao fishing restaurant in Tokyo. The restaurant gives customers the opportunity to fish for their food. They can catch everything from shrimp, oysters, to red snapper. Then when you catch the fish and have your picture made, the waitress will ask you how you want it prepared to perfection. You can have your fish cooked in four different ways: (1) Sashimi, boiled, grilled, or tempura. The fresh is amazingly fresh because it cook immediately upon it being caught. After finishing a delicious fish dinner, you can enjoy some fresh ice cream as well.

5. Shibuya 109

The fifth place I would recommend is Shibuya 109. If you are looking for an iconic place that sells Japanese fashion, the prominent Shibuya 109 is the place to go. Built in 1979, and containing over 100 stores, the massive place has 10 floors and draws both young men and women to the latest and hottest fashion trends. This place is a woman’s dream and definitely a fashion paradise. The Shibuya 109 is not far from the famous Shibuya Crossing or Shibuya Scramble crossing.

6. Mandarake

The sixth place I would recommend is Mandarake. This place is a paradise for anime and manga lovers.

We hear about anime in Akihabara, which is the icon of anime. However, we can find anime in Shibuya. When you enter the store, you will descend down a basement area that appears like a cave. Once at the bottom, you will be able to view a plethora of rare books, anime figures, pokemon cards, and so forth.

7. Tokyo Hands

The seventh place I would recommend is Tokyo Hands. Tokyo Hands is a large department store containing 8 floors of hobby related items. It is very unique in the sense that all products are made in Japan.

8. VR Park

The eighth place I would receive men’s is the VR park. The VR park Tokyo offers a virtual reality experience. You don a headset and you enter into another world. You can pay a one time fee and then play the games unlimited for 90 minutes. For instance, the 13 kinds of attractions that are offered include the following: (1) Jungle bungee, (2) Circle of saviors 2018, (3) Trolley coaster, (4) Kaiji, (5) MU, (6) ICaros, (7) T3R simulator, (8) Saloman’s carpet, (9) Welcome to panic mansion, (10) Osomatsu San, (11) Hachamecha Stadium, (12) Dive Hard, and (13) Gold Rush.

9. Melon Pan Ice

The ninth place I would recommend for you to go to is the Melon pan ice. If you are in the mood for trying melon pan ice cream, you can try the second most delicious melon pan in the world. Simply, melon pan is a very soft and fresh bread that resembles a melon. On the side of the building the Japanese reads: Sakai de Nibanme no Oishii Yakitate Melon Pan Aisu. This phrase translates in English as “The Second Most Delicious Ice cream Melon Bread in the World.” This place is a must try in Shibuya. I would consider the place to be theme related because I ordered the Gudetama theme ice cream, which was a melon pan consisting of mango sherbet and vanilla ice cream resembling the figure Gudetama. The harmonious flavor from this melon pan was incredible. When people passed by this shop, they were baffled by the sweet smell that filled the air.

10. Uobei Genki Sushi

The tenth place I would recommend is Uobei Genki Sushi. This amazing place is a Sushi go around. The place is famous for the slogan “flying sushi.” When you arrive at the restaurant, you may be placed upon a waiting list since it is usually busy there. Once your named is called, you will receive a physical card with a number on it. You will then locate your number. Once you take a seat, there is a screen in front you. That is how you will order. You click upon what you want and click “ Place order.” Once your sushi is shot out on a tray, the screen will tell you which side the sushi is on. This is a very delicious sushi place. You can choose a great variety of mouth watering sushi.

Crab sushi

Shrimp sushi

There are hundreds of things to do in Japan.

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