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Transforming yourself into an Edo Character- Edo Wonderland in Nikko, Japan

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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Edo Wonderland is a unique cultural theme park that is set in the context of the Edo period (1600s to 1800s). The park is divided into 5 sections: ninja village, merchant quarter, samurai mansion. The park consists of a beautiful quaint village quietly nestled in the stunning and picturesque mountains in Nikko. The park is located about 2.5 hours north of Tokyo. You can find theaters, exhibits, and interactive experiences at this magnificent park, the inn town, and main road.

You can step back to the 17th century and transform yourself into a samurai, lord, ninja, policeman, or princess by dressing up as one of the characters. Walking around the park wearing this costume is a powerful experience as Japanese humbly bow to you. You can experience the excitement of having photos made with villagers, ninjas, and others at the park.


Ninja Karasu Goten




Minami Machi Magistrates Office

Cultural movie theater


Touge Teahouse

Sasayama Geta and Umbrella Shop

Edo Work Experience for Kids

Yamaroku Travel Goods

Japanese Inn

Kago Palanquin Stand

Golden Tea Room

Home of Segumi Fire Chief Masagoro

Edo Town Fire Fighters Museum

Ninja Training Hall

Ninja Karakuri Mansion

Ninja Shikake Mechanical Maze

Jigoku Temple

Sharetei Style of Edo Firefighters Exhibit

Shamisen Experience

Makeup Experience

Daruma Aexperience

Kanuchi Swordsmith Exhibit

Aizome Indigo Experience

Suri Woodblock Print Experience

Senbei Cracker Experience

Edo Life Culture Museum

Samurai Training Institute


Shuriken Dojo

Yaba Archery Dojo

Yakata Boat Cruise


Shinobi Tei

Shinano Café

Yabu Soba



Yama Kujira

Ryogoku Tei

Nombei Beer Garden






Hana machi-ya

Kokeshi Do


Karakuri Photo Studio



Edo Wonderland offers two passes: One Day and Afternoon Passes

One Day Pass- Adults- ¥ 4,700; Children- ¥ 2,400

Afternoon Pass- Adults- ¥ 4,100; Children- ¥ 2,100


Summer: March 20 to November 30- 9 A.M. to 5 PM

Winter: December 1 to March 19- 9:30 A.M. to 4 PM

Directions by car

If you are traveling from the Utsunomiya Interchange on the Tohoku highway, take the Nikko Utsunomiya Toll Road until you reach the Imaichi Interchange (exit for Imaichi and Kinugawa Onsen areas), and proceed straight on national route 121 towards Kinugawa Onsen (approximately 15 minutes from Imaiachi interchange).

Directions by train

If you are traveling by train, I recommend you take the Tobu Kinugawa Line from Tobu Asakusa station. Once at the station, you will exit at Kinugawa Onsen station. If you are traveling from Omiya, Shinjuku, or Ikebukuro, you can take the limited express “Kinugawa” or “Spacia Kinugawa” and exit at Kinugawa Onsen station. You can take a 10 minute taxi ride or 15 minute bus ride to Edomura is 15 minutes from the station.

By Bus

You can take a bus from JR Nikko station to Edo Wonderland. Check out the bus schedule.

Address: 1201-1, Mitsu, Futamicho, Ise City Mie Prefecture 519-0603

Contact Number: 0596-43-2300

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