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Watching Tokyo’s Beautiful Locomotive Illumination-Shimbashi

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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In 1945, Nippon Sharyo manufactured the C11292 Locomotive train. This antique train, which operated on the Sanyo Main line, has been preserved in front of the Shimbashi train station since 1972. From 1932 to 1947, this type of class 11 was erected in Japan. In fact, history records that the first train line in Japan was the Shimbashi Train line. People have happily celebrated the train’s 100th year anniversary.

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The Locomotive train is a famous landmark in Shimbashi. The landmark reminds you of the rich history of the railway system. It is very cool to observe this magnificent piece of history while visiting Japan. The best time to see this musical lighting train display is during the Christmas holidays. For instance, during the months of December and January, you can find the train decorated with bright and colorful Christmas lights that illuminate from a distance. A Santa Clause figure, positioned in the driver’s seat of the train, wore a red and white Santa Cause suit. In addition, while Christmas music played, the bright and festive lights on the train constantly flashed various colors, as well as released a cloud of smoke. The appearance of smoke could easily convince someone that the train was in operation. The musical lightning display was very colorful and it certainly placed you in a Christmas mood.

The C11 292 Locomotive display is conveniently located next to other beautiful landmarks, including the Caretta Shiodome Winter Illumination 2018 and the Nippon TV tower musical clock performance. While visiting Shimbashi, I espied all three of the landmarks in the same day.

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