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5 Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Smartphone Stabilizer

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Many of you take photos and record video using your cellphone. One reason for that is your cellphone is portable and it is used on a daily basis to make and answer phone calls, check your calendar, play a game, check your email, snap photos, and record video. How much simpler can it get? After all, we love convenience and simplicity.

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That being said, some of you would prefer to rely upon your cellphone for taking photos and recording videos than to purchase a camera. If I am speaking to you, you have come to the right place. Many cellphones on the market record 4K video that even some of the expensive cameras on the market don't have the capability of doing. A cellphone can record sharp video. However, without a stabilizer, your video may be a little shaky. That is why I wrote this article-to provide a solution to your problem. I am recommending a smartphone gimbal stabilizer and I will share with you 5 reasons why you should invest in this amazing product.

#1 Smooth footage

The first reason why you should purchase a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is to have the capability of smooth footage. The 3 axis on a gimbal significantly helps prevent the camera from shaking, therefore resulting in better and smoother footage. No one wants to see a video that is shaking from left to right. The shakiness in the video can often be a distraction to viewers so much so that they lose interest and quickly move to another video.

#2 Light weight

The second reason why you should purchase a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is that it is light weight. The Osmo Mobile 2, for instance, weighs around 1 lb. Thus you can freely walk on the beach or cruise the ocean in a boat for hours while recording amazing footage without expending a lot of energy. The light weight aspect is one of the huge advantages of having a smartphone stabilizer. Also, when you are finished recording in one spot and you want to move to another location, all you need to do is fold the stabilizer and place it in your backpack.

#3 Long lasting battery

The third reason why you should purchase a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is the battery life is long lasting. Similar to the camera gimbals, a smartphone stabilizer can operate for as long as 15 hours. What is even more incredible is that some of the smartphone gimbal stabilizers can charge your cellphone when a gimbal is in use.

#4 Additional Incredible features

The fourth reason why you should purchase a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is it has additional incredible features. The active track 3.0 feature, for instance, allows the user to easily track his/her subject with fast movements. When active track is enabled, the smartphone can shoot hyper lapse videos. Additionally, a smartphone gimbal stabilizer gives the user the advantage of using dolly zoom, which adds flair to your video footage. Not only that, a smartphone stabilizer has an ergonomic grip, as well as a simple easy to handle joystick that controls many functions.

#5 Low Budget

The fifth reason why you should purchase a smartphone gimbal stabilizer is it is usually cheaper than gimbals made for cameras. If you are on a low budget and want to produce a master piece film, you can make this happen with the smartphone gimbal stabilizer. I have seen smartphone gimbals at a very low price. Read more...

These stabilizers are very affordable and they can make your videoing fun and professional. Technology has certainly given people the capability to create phenomenal videos that was extremely difficult to accomplish 20 years ago. When you consider all of the features of the smartphone stabilizer, you find that it is definitely worth the cost.

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