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Caliwag Mountain Resort in Antique, Philippines- The Unique Kawa Hot Bath

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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We awoke from our slumber at 05:30 a.m., and started our road trip. We had rented a van the day before. Little did I know this would be the most adventurous trip in my entire life. The 6 hour bumpy trip to Tibiao, Antique, Philippines, was adventurous and tiring at the same time. When we arrived at the Caliwag mountain resort at around 1 p.m., the first thing on my mind was trying the kawa or hot bath.

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The kawa is one of the most popular attractions offered at the Caliwag Mountain resort located in the Barangay Tuno, in Tibiao, Antique, Philippines. Like spas in Japan, this place in Antique offers 5 varieties of baths including the following (1) Kawa beer (Red Horse) bath, (2) Kawa coffee bath, (3) Kawa milk bath, (4) Kawa wine bath (5) Kawa salt bath. The first three kinds of baths cost 399 pesos or $7.62, 599 pesos or $11.44 for the wine bath and 299 pesos or $5.71 for the salt bath.

Originally, the kawas were designed primarily for cooking unrefined sugar. That practice came to an end when the kawas were no longer used for that purpose. As a result, the Filipinos turned the kawas into a tourist attraction. Today those are utilized as hot baths. Basically, you tell the Filipino what type of bath and he prepares it. There is a fire lit under the pot. That is the reason why it is called a hot bath.

This is a typical kawa.

The Caliwag Mountain resort offers many other attractions, including water tubing for 399 pesos or $7.62, basic water kayaking for 499 pesos or $9.53 for 30 minutes, and extreme kayaking for 899 pesos or $17.17. Additionally, you can find a picnic table in the middle of a stream.

You can have a boodle lunch there for 249 pesos or $4.76.

The resort also offers a coffee body scrub service for 349 pesos or $6.67, 30 minute foot massage for 199 pesos or $3.80, 1 hour full body massage for 349 pesos or $6.67, and a 30 minute half body massage for 199 pesos or $3.80, as well as a 30 minute fish spa for 119 pesos or $3.80.

Since the place is a resort, there are accommodations available. For instance, you can stay in a bahay kubo or a tree house for 349 pesos or $6.67 per night.

The resort even has a bamboo shower.

This is a small bamboo bridge.

This is a long bridge at the resort.

The mountainous landscape was breathtaking.

We toured the area for about 30 minutes, took lots of pictures, and videoed the area. The resort is a place of serenity.

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