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The Magical Mural in La Trinidad, Philippines

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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When you go to La Trinidad, you will not only be admired and awestruck by the towering and spectacular mountain landscape but also the lovely and colorful work of art. Located in Barangay Balili in La Trinidad, you will find a new attraction called the “STOBOSA Hillside Homes Network,” or the “Valley of Colors.” The mural is about 1.1 miles from the famous Strawberry Farm in La Trinidad.

Stobosa Project

Consisting of more than 500 houses, this new and unique project commenced on January 18, 2016, and it was brilliantly designed by Tam-Awan barangay artists. One of the themes that was chosen to represent the community was a sunflower since it is abundant all over the Barangay. A collective group of people including residents, the Local government of La Trinidad (including the police), as well as the Department of Tourism in the Barangay actively assisted in this project to bring revitalization to the community. This eye catching colorful mural project has become so popular it has been broadcasted on news channels and all over social media networks. In fact, the valley of colors has been dubbed the largest community network in the Philippines. 

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Origin of the Stobosa

Where did “STOBOSA” originate from? The acronym stands for the names of three neighborhood sitios; namely- (1) Sadjap, (2) Stonehills, and (3) Botiwtiw. The colorful and captivating mural was inspired by a Brazillian named Favelas (in Rio De Janiero in Brazil) whose paintings are reminiscent of the colorful houses in La Trinidad.

The Original Stobosa

What once started out as dull, depressing, and decrepitunpainted houses on cement blocks eventually transformed into a vibrant and spectacular mural. The multi-colored houses have certainly led to a great increase in tourism thus becoming a strong magnet to tourists all over the world. When you visit this attraction, you will find clothes hanging up, but you just cannot help to admire this magnificent and magical work of art. The important community and magnificent artwork that has been created as a result of the care and support of the project assistants has added a splash of love and happiness to the people in La Trinidad.

Instagram Worthy Photo

When I visited these houses, I was amazed by the number of people that would suddenly stop their vehicles to take photos of the mural, which is definitely worthy of being instagrammed. That being said, perhaps it would be a great notion for the community to create parking spots for the tourists to prevent the possibility of accidents on the main street.

Next to the bridge, there was a booth set up selling Stobasa magnets and other souvenirs.

How to Get to the Stobosa?

Taxi: The best method of transportation is the taxi. The cost to the Stobosa is around 100 pesos or $1.90.

Jeepney: Another method of transportation is a jeepney. You can find a jeepney in many parts of Baguio City especially at the La Trinidad Jeepney Terminal in Baguio City. The cost from there to the Stobosa is around 9 pesos or $0.17.

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