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Team Lab in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan- Japan's Eye-catching Digital art museum

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

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What is Teamlab?

This new, awe-inspiring, futuristic, innovative museum was designed by teamLab. teamLab is an interdisciplinary group of brilliant engineers, mathematicians, designers, programmers, scientists, musicians, architects, and animators, who collectively devote full energy to create unprecedented art using digital technology. The hundreds of projectors and computers used to create the latest art (with light and color), has transformed this massive space into a magical and mysterious universe.

Forest of Flowers and People

One of the artworks in the museum is called the Forest of Flowers and people. This first world essentially captures the essence of the museum. The absolute beauty of the Forest caused my mouth to physically drop. While walking around in a state of awe, the entire forest (from every direction on the wall and floor) was covered with red, yellow, pink, orange, and blue interactive blooming flowers.

Yellow interactive butterflies, green and red butterflies, green and blue butterflies freely flapped their wings as they joyfully moved around the flowers. On one side of the wall were thousands of bunched gorgeous red flowers. The interactive petals were slowly scattering all through the wall. This scene was reminiscent to an endless sea of colorful grounds and colorful trees entirely blanketed by the absolute beauty of blooming flowers gradually caught by the wind. It was such a mesmerizing and magical scene that appeared to be transpiring in real life. I elaborate on this Forest in my book Touring Tokyo.

Light Sculpture Space

Hidden in another area was the beautiful and magnificent light sculpture space. A museum employee escorted me into a pitch-black dark room that was replace with mirrors on the floor. Suddenly, within seconds, my wife and I noticed four small bright lights appear from the ceiling. The lights became lightning rods, which multiplied as they remarkably spun in a circular direction. While the rods remained fixed in their location, the sound of drumbeats echoed in the background. we then directed our attention towards the wall to find about 16 giant dazzling strobe rods connected in the middle to other rods, which were spread out.

Interactive Waterfalls

In front of a room was a huge interactive waterfall. Next to the waterfall were enormous rocks where people congregated to take photos. When I walked over the waterfall, I had the impression I was standing under an actual waterfall. On both sides of the waterfall, there were pink and purple flowers. Thousands of precious interactive blue and pink flowers on the floor moved unceasingly.

Forest of Lamps

While in the room, there were over a thousand mentioned sensitive Venetian lamps suspending from the ceiling. The floors were noticeably made of glass mirrors that reflected on both me and the lamps. As I stood close to a lamp, my wife and I noticed the color increased in brightness. Eventually, the lamps altered from intense and vibrant blue and pink colors to orange and green colors. Once the lamp changed a color, the lamps next to it also altered colors in a synchronized way. The process continued throughout the entire room.

The Way of the Sea in the Memory of Topography

Another exhibit is the Way of the Sea. As my wife and I slowly crawled through the myriad of lily pads, The glow from the area brilliantly lights up the entire place. Hidden under the lily pads are large schools of fish that leave the area at the end of the animation show. Throughout the show, there was a variety of landscape alterations, including cherry blossoms in the spring, rice terraces in the summer, and energetic fireflies.

En Tea House

The final exhibit was the EN TEA HOUSE. The tea house was a cool exhibition. There are four selections of tea to try. I selected the green tea with yuzu, which was very oishi. While sitting down, my wife and I gently placed our teas on the table. Within about three seconds, an animated flower on the table tarted to bloom inside the teacup.

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