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The Gorilla saving a girl in Japan

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

14 Days Japan Travel Itinerary

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High atop a pink building in the Setangaya neighborhood in Japan is a giant grey gorilla. While holding onto the roof top of the building with his left hand, the gorilla's right arm is extended with its palm facing up. Sitting nervously on the palm of the gorilla's hand is a Japanese school girl with black hair. Wearing a light green dress with a yellow bow tie and a light maroon colored backpack strapped to her back, the girl appears to be in a confused mood. Peering straight ahead with no shoes, the girl's right foot is planted on the palm of the gorilla while her left foot is slightly elevated.

How to get to the Gorilla

From Tokyo station, walk 4 minutes to Nijubashimae station. Take the Chiyoda line on Platform 1 to Ometesando station. Take the Hanzomon Line to Sangen-jaya station. Take the North Exit A and then walk about 8 minutes to the gorilla.

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