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Aguinid Falls- A Hidden Mystical Paradise

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

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28 minutes north west of the Oslob whale watching area is a hidden mystical paradise. That is the beautiful Aguinid Falls, which is located in Barangay Tangbo, Samboan Philippines. There you will find 5 levels.

We stopped at Aguinid Falls immediately after snorkeling with whale watching. It is very easy to do both of these attractions in the same day. That being said, the Aguinid Falls is a must visit if you are in the area. Our guide recommended this Falls over Tumalog Falls. We were very glad that we had the opportunity to come to this magical place.

There is a sign at the end of the road that reads “Welcome to Aguinid Falls. Barangay Tangbo, Samboan, Cebu.” There is an arrow pointing to the right.

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We were elated that we were almost there.

Upon entering the Aguinid Falls area, you will be required to pay an entrance fee. The entrance fee is 20 pesos or $0.38 for local Filipinos and 40 pesos or $0.76 for foreigners. There are dry bags of various sizes for sale. I would recommend you purchase a dry bag for your camera, photo, and wallet.

On the dirt road leading to the trail, you will find native food vendors, souvenirs, and dry bags. After passing this area, you will meet two tour guides, who will give a short 3 minute orientation. Then you will trek uphill with the guides on a rugged path to reach level 1. Guides are mandatory on this trip.

You can buy mango and buko there.

Rules, Regulations, and picture of the 5 levels of waterfalls

We have begun our journey!

Level 1- this level can be found about 2 minutes from the tour guide meeting spot. It is essentially a big swimming pool. Due to the shallow water at this level though, jumping is not permitted.

Level 2- this level appears daunting because you clamber up a large and a steep non slippery 90 degree angle limestone boulder that is about 10 meters high or 32 feet. The climbing is easier than you think given there is a rope attached at the top and bottom of the rock. There are also foot holds carved in the rocks used to facilitate your climbing of the rock and maintain balance while ascending. There are also guides present to assist you. In the past, a rope was not tied to the rocks. Unfortunately, a tragic event transpired when one of the customers fell off the rock and struck his head. After that, a rope was installed.

Level 3- if you are photographer like me, you cannot miss a stunning photo at this level. The milky blue water freely flows from the top of a large rock adding to the enchanting scenery. The rock has created a shower that allows you to have a refreshing water massage.

Level 4- of all the levels of the Aguinid Falls, at this level, you are permitted to freely jump off a 6 foot cliff into 6 feet water. I happily jumped from this cliff twice.

To the left is one of the tour guides- Jiaho.

Level 5- this level is absolutely breathtaking and magnificent. It is the most majestic and undoubtedly the crown jewel of all levels. There you will find turquoise like water flowing off of a large 25 meter or or 82 feet high limestone rock.

After the tour, you will be expected to give your tour guides a tip for carrying your bags, taking photos, videos, as well as guiding you along the 5 levels of water falls. I want to thank Jiaho and Ente for their hard work and assistance on the Aguinid Falls tour.



How to get there? I would recommend going to Aguinid Falls after the Whale watching in Oslob. It is about 28 minutes by tricycle from the whale watching area to the falls. Read my article entitled “Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Oslob, Philippines. I talk about how to get to Oslob.

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