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Exploring The Beautiful Country of the Philippines--Baguio’s Beautiful Botanical Garden

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

When you visit Baguio, one of the places you must go is the Botanical Garden or the Igorot village (originally termed Botanical and Zoological Garden). You can find this peaceful garden or park on 37 Leonard road after Teacher’s Park. At the entrance of the garden, you will find about 6 Igorot indigenous tribes, who adorned in tribal costumes, are anxious to get their picture made with you. Of course, they require a fee after the photo is taken. This photo, in my opinion, is Instagram worthy. When will be the next time you will be able to get a photo taken of a Baguio tribe?

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Statute of Workers

Once you pass a myriad of beautiful flowers and plants, you will be led to an area that features a group of people collectively working to accomplish a task. The bronze statue, which was constructed by Ben Hur Villanueva, signifies the Americans, Japanese, Chinese, and Cordillerans actively working together to erect the city of Baguio. The building of Baguio city has a rich international history.

We located a bridge and a wooden like gate that had a wooden plague posted in the front. The plaque read “Taebaek Park.” On each side of the gate there were happy wooden faces. The writing appeared to be South Korean.

These are Chinese structure. There were Chinese decorations in this area due to Chinese New Year.

When you tour the Botanical Garden, you will find towering pine trees, beautiful flowers, and luscious plants, and very well maintained stone paths that lead to the Filipino- Chinese Friendship park, where you can find 12 Chinese Zodiac sign animal sculptures.

The Dog Zodiac Sculpture

According to the dog zodiac sign, the person born in the years of 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030, 2042, or 2054 exhibited particular characteristics of a dog. For instance, this person poses the best traits of human nature. The person has a deep sense of loyalty, demonstrates honesty, and inspire people’s confidence because they can keep secrets. Even though this person terribly stubborn, eccentric, and somewhat selfish, the person careless little for wealth; however, the person seems to somehow always seem to have money. The person can find fault with many things, are noted for his/her sharp tongue, and can be emotionally cold. The person is compatible with the tiger, horse, and rabbit.

The dog represented my fiancé’s birthday year.

Ox Zodiac Sign

According to the Ox Zodiac Sign, the person born in the years of 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021, 2033, or 2045 exhibit characteristics of an ox. For instance, the person speaks little, demonstrates patience, and inspires confidence in others. Additionally, the person tends to be bigoted, eccentric, and he/she can be angered easily. Although the person speaks little, he/she tends to have a fierce temper. The person is eloquent and is physically and mentally alert. The person can be remarkably stubborn, is generally easy going and hates to fail or be opposed. The person is most compatible with a rooster, snake, and rat people.

The Ox represented by Birthday year.

You will find that many countries including China, Japan, United States, Thailand, and other countries have had a significant historical influence in the Philippines, and particularly in Baguio. For instance, there is a replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in California, representative of the U.S. There are statues of Elephants there that are representative of Thailand. You may also find a Japanese shrine that is representative of Japan.

A Replica of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

The stone 12 feet Elephants are representative of the country of Thailand and they were denoted by Thailand’s Ambassador.

We found some beautiful sunflowers. Sunflowers are very abundant in the Philippines.

Igorot Tribe Costumes

After finishing the tour, we paid 20 pesos to have our pictures made in Igorot Tribe costumes. This involved a head piece and body clothing. The male also carries a shield and a spear. You can have your picture made in the costumes and you can sit in a traditional Filipino ifugao hut.

We are underneath a traditional Filipino hut.

Furthermore, there were headless Manichean like figures representing the Igot tribe. You can step on a platform portraying that of an Igoro tribe person.

What to bring?1) Bring your camera.

There are many beautiful flowers and scenery to snap photos. 2) Bring extra pesos. You may want to have your picture made with the Igorot tribe as well purchase some souvenirs. There is a souvenir shop next to the entrance of the botanical garden.

How to Get to Baguio Botanical Garden?

Four Sources Recommend for Download:

Baguio Travel Tour for FREE

Baguio Philippine Navigator

Baguio Philippine Offline Map

Baguio Philippine Offline Map

From Manila, go to the Pasay bus terminal and buy a ticket to Baguio. I would recommend selecting a First class Victory Liner bus that is air conditioned, has wifi, and a television screen on ever seat. The cost of the bus trip is about 800 pesos or $15.44. My fiancé and I were able to watch a movie until we arrived in Baguio. The total trip time to Baguio is about 5 hours. Once you arrive at the Victory Liner bus terminal in Baguio, the Botanical Garden is about 10 minutes from the terminal. I would recommend taking a taxi to the garden.

If you are looking for other things to do in the Philippines, check out my blog on Moalboal: Snorkeling with Millions of Sardines in the Philippines.

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