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Malumpati Cold Spring- A Refreshing Health Spring

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

The cold and relaxing sparkling blue turquoise Malumpati spring is very relaxing and refreshing. It is situated in the Barangay of Guia in Pandan, Antique, Philippines. The natural man made spring is about 1 hour from the Port of Culasi and the Kalibo International Airport. The spring is incredibly deep. In fact, there was a recent report of two divers attempted to reach the bottom, yet they never accomplished their goal. Deemed as the health spring, many people believe they have been healed of illness because of the purity of the water.

Flowing from the cold spring is the water from the Bugang river, which is arguably the cleanest river in the Philippines. The Malumpati can be broken down into two words: (1) Malumpat, which signifies “jump,” and (2) Ati which is short for an indigenous tribe named Aetas that jumped into the spring to bathe and swim. The Aetas lived all over the mountainous areas of the Luzon in the Philippines.

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Water tubing is a very popular attraction at Malumpati. Another popular attraction is diving off of a diving board into the spring. The water tubing attraction costs about 200 pesos or $3.82. Unfortunately, the day we arrived at the cold spring, the weather was very bad. The bad weather made it difficult for us to enjoy the spring.

When we arrived at the Malumpati spring, the the freezing rain was constantly pouring down thus causing a decrease in the temperatures. While sitting in our vehicle, we wondered if the rain would come to a halt. After pondering for 5 minutes, we decided we would exit the vehicle. I immediately wrapped my camera with a shirt and sprinted to one of the huts for cover. While freezing at the cover from the unceasing rain, my fiancé and her family prepared lunch.

The huts are perfect for family gatherings. There were many families at Malumpati that day. They were preparing lunch as well. About an hour later, the food was brought to the table. We were served rice, pusit (squid), as well as bangas (milkfish).

It was unfortunately not a good day to swim because the rain made the spring very murky and unpleasant. Plus I had my canon 80d with me and protected it the entire time I was at Malumpati.

The cold spring has a rich history with the Chinese. In fact, Japanese business people assisted Filipinos at the area to ensure the cold spring habitat and its beauty was preserved. You can find evidence of this Chinese history passed the bamboo bridge not too far from the pumping station.

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