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Precious Moments Tour-A Christmas Spirit

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Approximately 15 minutes from the Kalibo International airport is a beautiful 2.6 hectare iconic beach front boutique resort called “Precious Moments” or Sampaguita Gardens.  Situated in New Washington, Aklan, in the Philippines, the resort is noticeable by both the Welcome sign “Welcome to Sampaguita Gardens” and by a gated compounded area. The entrance fee to the resort is 50 pesos (.$94). After paying, you will be given a ticket which you can use to purchase food or Precious Moments’ collectibles inside the souvenir shop.


The founder, creator and designer of Precious Moments is Sam Butcher. In 1981, Butcher embarked on an adventurous journey to the Philippines to offer financial contributions to a Bible College located in the famous Iloilo City.

When you walk through the gate, you will be greeted with an army of giant size cherubs. This place paints the scenery of a giant doll house.


The St. Nicholas tradition does not relate to the Santa Clause's in the United. In 271 AD, the history of St. Nicholas was born. When Saint Nicholas died around December 6, 342 or 343 AD near the Asia Minor (Turkey) town of Myra, where be eventually became a bishop. St. Nicholas was a friend to the needy and poor. He performed good deeds.

The Jojo’s Christmas cottage is a 3 storey Victorian cottage that features Christmas scenery and Precious Moments’ collectible items and gifts all year round. This unique spot can certainly place one in the Christmas spirit no matter what month of the year. An astounding showcase of decorations, paintings, ornaments, a train system, snowy mountains, decorated Christmas trees, Santa Clause figures and dolls are neatly arranged all throughout the cottage, especially in the Christmas Museum, which occupies the upper floor of the cottage.

Furthermore, there is a great abundance of Precious Moments’ collectible dolls arranging from small to large related to weddings, mermaid, Thai, and Chinese, which are sold in the store. In fact, the Precious moments’ theme has significantly gained worldwide public attention so much so that in 2010, a corporate branch office was opened in Metro Manila. The address for the branch office is 95 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City.

Adjacent to the Christmas cottage lies a meticulously well-kept garden displaying Precious Moments’ themes. You can also find a Poolside Grill and Restaurant, where you can enjoy a fantastic meal and even swim there. Hence the name of the restaurant. Next to the restaurant lies a chapel framed with Bible verses and colorful portraits all of which were painted by Sam Butcher, in remembrance of his son who tragically died. As you marvel at his paintings, you are profoundly reminded of your many blessings.


The entrance fee for this extravagant mansion is 10 pesos ($.19). Inside the mansion, you can find family photos, a nice dining area, ornaments, jars, and figurines that are a product of Thailand. Upstairs, you will observe an ostentatious master bedroom with a huge zen-like bed located in the middle of the room facing a balcony. You are given a remarkable and breathtaking view of the ocean.


There are several methods of transportation you can utilize to travel to the resort. The first option is to ride in a jeepney for about 25-30 minutes. The cost is about 15 pesos ($.28) per person. Another option is to ride in a Philippine Tricycle, which will take about 35-40 minutes. We chose the latter option.

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