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Strawberry Picking In the Charming Fields of La Trinidad, Philippines

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Location of La Trinidad

One of the top and popular activities to do while in La Trinidad is strawberry picking. Our taxi driver took us to La Trinidad Valley in Benguet for strawberry picking. Benguet is a province situated south of the Cordillera Administrative Region and north of the Luzon. This 49.4 acre or 20 hectare farm requires about a 20 minute drive from the Baguio city proper and very close to the famous Stobosa or Valley of Colors.

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Strawberry Farm

Beautiful Scenery

Regarded as the Strawberry Capital of the Philippines, this farm is a must for someone who is vacationing in Baguio. The large plateau of strawberry fields is surrounded by gigantic mountains and charming valleys. At the entrance, we were required to register our names in a log book, and then we proceeded towards the fields. There was no entrance fee at the time. We explored the fields and once we reached the plateau of delicious red strawberries, we paid about 450 pesos or $8.65 per kilogram to go out in the open strawberry fields and hand pick strawberries. Some would consider the price very mahal; but, people are essentially paying for the unique experience not necessarily the product itself.


Before reaching the Strawberry field, my fiancé and I spotted some sunflowers, which are commonly grown in the Philippines. Women definitely love sunflowers, especially when they are able to obtain an Instagram worthy photo of it.

Sunflower Heaven!

Once we viewed the beautiful yellow glowing sunflowers, we made our way to the strawberry fields. We found lettuce, cabbage, rows of strawberry bushes along the way.

We have arrived!

You Pay for the Experience

You are given a basket and a small pair of scissors. You then enter the plots of strawberry plants and carefully cut the stems of fresh strawberries. We were succumbed with the great temptation to eat the shiny red heart shaped strawberries. You are permitted to eat them after they are picked. I would recommend eating them when you return back to your hotel so that you can wash them thoroughly. Strawberries are typically sprayed with chemicals. While we were picking the strawberries, we were informed there is no time limit. We could have remained at the farm all day if we desired too. What we noticed though is the place is frequented by a lot of tourists. Thus, there was not a great abundance of strawberries. A lot of them had been eaten by insects. On the other side of the fence were Ibaloi farmers, who were tirelessly and laboring in the fields.

A Bucket List To Check Off

Filipinos residing in Manila, for instance, would consider it a rare opportunity to pick sweet strawberries because they probably will not find strawberry farms in Manila. If they find strawberries in Manila, though, the chances are the strawberries came from Benguet. Therefore, when Filipinos and Filipinas hear about a strawberry farm in La Trinidad, they are filled with joy. In fact, some consider this not only a bucket list to check off, but also a dream that they want to fulfill.

This was my fiancé’s first time picking strawberries and we both had fun. Where else in the Philippines do you get an opportunity to go strawberry picking? Instead of picking strawberries, you can certainly buy strawberries sold at the market. They are definitely cheaper than the ones you pick in the fields. You will pay double for the strawberries you pick in the field. However, what I noticed is that the shelf life is longer if they are freshly picked versus those that were already picked.

Freshly Picked strawberries!

Basket of juicy strawberries!

We accomplished our mission!

Months of Strawberry Picking

The strawberries are seasonal. Therefore, I would recommend traveling to the Strawberry Farm between November and May. You will also find vegetables including Romaine and iceberg lettuce and cabbage. You will even find some very big and beautiful sunflowers.

Trying Strawberry Ice-cream

After picking the delicate strawberries for about an hour, we took them to a Filipino who weighted them. We then headed back to the front entrance of the strawberry farm. Next to the entrance, there were many vendors selling fresh and savory strawberry ice cream for only 10 pesos or $0.19, as well as fresh strawberry jam. Needless to say, we had to try the strawberry and jam. You must also try the strawberry taho, which is made up of silken tofu, tapioca pearls, and strawberry. Additionally, vendors sold strawberry wine, and strawberry candy. Many of the foods the vendors were selling were made of strawberries with the exception of honey, ube jam, and orange jam that they also sold at the markets. There were even strawberry keychains for sale.

Fresh Strawberry ice cream! This is masarap!

Homemade Strawberry jam and wine!

Plethora of vendors lining the road.

Annual Strawberry Festival

If you absolutely love strawberries like me, you can attend the annual strawberry festival on March 18th. The farm has gained popularity not only due to the fresh taste of its strawberries, but also for preparing the largest strawberry shortcake in 2004 according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Orange Picking in Sagada and Raspberry Picking in Quezon

The Philippines is a great country to experience fruit picking. Another fruit farm that you can find is located in Sagada in the Philippines. Visitors can pick oranges at the Rock Farm in Sagada. You can even find raspberry picking in Dolores, Quezon, in the Philippines.


1. Check for ripe fruits

2. Don’t eat the fruit at the place.

3. Bring extra pesos for taho, ice cream, and pasalubong.

4. Bring sunscreen.

5. Wear rain boots if it is raining.

How to Get to the Strawberry Farm

Taxi: We took a taxi from Baguio City to the Strawberry Farm. The total time was about 23 minutes. I would recommend downloading Grab Taxi. The cost will be around 150-200 pesos or $2.87-3.83. My fiancé and I had the same taxi driver for 8 hours for only 1500 pesos or $30.

Jeepney: Another option is to take a jeepney. if have never ridden in a jeepney, here is your chance. One of the places you can find a jeepney in Baguio is at the front entrance of the Baguio city hall. The road is called Shuntug Road. There should be jeepneys waiting in the area. Inform the driver you want to go to La Trinidad Strawberry Farm. The cost of the trip is about 15 pesos or $0.29.

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