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Visiting the Philippine President’s Mansion House in Baguio

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Spanish Architectural Design

One of the prestigious sites that tourists visit on a yearly basis in Baguio city is the Mansion House. Designed with a Spanish colonial architecture, this site is a very easy stop and close to many other popular sites such as the Botanical Garden, and Wright Park. Read my article entitled “Baguio’s Beautiful Botanical Garden.” The admission at the Mansion house was free when we were visiting. Given the great number of tourists that visit regularly, however, a fee might be required in the near future.

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Summer Home of the Philippine President

Nevertheless, the luxurious and extravagant Mansion House (which is situated on Leonard Wood Rd in the eastern part of the city of Baguio) was erected by William Cameron Forbes in 1908 during the era of the American Colonies for the US. Governor’s General. After the inauguration of the homeland though for the Common wealth of the Philippines, the Mansion House was officially deemed the residence of the President of the Philippines. The President considers the Mansion house his summer home. He may visit Baguio around May or April.

Entry of the House was Prohibited

We were permitted to enter through the large ornate and intricate sturdy iron gates; however, we could not go any further. You are not allowed to go to the house nor tour it. Conversely, you are allowed to visit the museum, which houses works of art and memorabilia from former Presidents. That day there were a number of guards. When the President is present at the house, there is a greater number of guards and visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the gates.

History of the Mansion House

Unfortunately, during World War II, the Mansion House was severely impacted thus incurring major damage. Thankfully, the entry gates and the stone wall were not affected by the War On the other hand, the house was re-successfully constructed in 1947, the same year when the meeting of World Leaders or famously called the “Economic Commission of Asia and the Far East” took place. Then in 1947, the mansion served as a prominent venue for the Food and Agriculture Organization meeting. This event was followed by the first meeting of the Baguio Conference, which transpired in 1950. This conference is also regarded as the South East Asia Union that was directed by the former President of the Philippines Elpidio Quirino.

Amazing Instagram Photo

The Mansion House presents a perfect photo for Instagram or Facebook. The neatly trimmed grass, large pine trees, and beautiful mansion add to this awesome scenery. You can even tell your friends that you visited one of the homes of the President of the Philippines. That is an awesome opportunity.

How to get to the Mansion House

Taxi: This is probably the best option. Just tell the taxi cab to take you to the Mansion House. It is about 15 minutes from the Victory Liner bus terminal. The cost of trip may be from 60-150 pesos or $1.15- $2.88.

Jeepney: You should be able to find a jeepney around the Mines View Park, which is another popular attraction. The cost of the trip is around 10 pesos or $0.19.

Where to Stay in Baguio

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Grand Mines Sierra Baguio

The Manor at Camp John Hay

Ibay Zion Hotel

Hotel Elizabeth Baguio

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